DIY Dupe! My version of Lush’s Oatifix Mask

If you’ve read my other posts, I’m sure you’ve picked up on my not-super-subtle Lush obsession. I love them for their creative products, whimsical cleverness, earth-friendly tendencies, and close ties to the goodness nature provides.

However, you don’t always need Lush if you can duplicate the products yourself. Most of their products rely on techniques or ingredients I can’t get my hands on, but the glaring exception to that is their Oatifix Fresh Face Mask. As obsessed with Lush as I am, I sadly don’t live close to one. Every time I’m in Chicago, I stop in, and one of the more recent times, one of the Lushie’s asked me, “Oh, have you tried Oatifix? It’s great on dry skin!” and I replied, “What’s in it?” She said, “Bananas, oatmeal…” and as seductive as their sales people tend to be, I couldn’t justify buying something I could find in my kitchen.

So, I invented my own version!

Lush’s version boasts oatmeal, bananas, almond, and vanilla as the major ingredients, along with some fragrant and preservative notes. They also use glycerine, which I’ll sub out too. I’ve ignored their secondary ingredients like kaolin clay, sandalwood, & illipe butter because I don’t have access to them.

My version is this:

A handful of oatmeal, ground fine in the blender.

Half a banana

A drizzle of olive oil (my skin is indifferent to glycerine, but soaks up olive oil, so I use this instead)

A drizzle of honey. Honey is a superpower ingredient. With soothing, moisturizing, and cleansing properties, I use it here instead of almonds. My body likes almonds as an exfoliant (Like in the BUFFY BAR!) but they’re too harsh for my sensitive face.

Optional: Lush’s version has a vanilla note, for full-on banana cookie fragrance. This is a bit sticky for me, but an alternative is to use a little vanilla sugar in there. This way, you’ll get the vanilla scent and some exfoliation from the sugar.


Like I said, I mill down my oats in the blender so they’re nice and fine. You can do this til your heart’s content; if you want a less chunky, more cohesive mixture, blend them quite fine. Me, I don’t mind some chunky (actually, I favor it) so I blended for about 10 seconds.

Then, I add my drizzles. These can be adjusted as necessary. I do a bit more honey than oil, so as to not totally overwhelm my skin with emollients.


Next, I add half my banana and get to smashing. The other half makes a nice related snack!


Smash to a nice paste. Again, smash more if you want a smoother texture. I like chunky, so I smash until my banana is incorporated and stop there.

Then, use nice clean fingers and apply! Concentrate any bigger bits on dryer areas. For me this is…everywhere.


Apply until you are so sexy. Seriously. With this stuff all over your face, be careful. It brings all the boys to the yard.


I let mine sit for about 20. It won’t harden, but it will affix nicely after a couple of minutes, so there isn’t any drip risk here.

Then, rinse with some nice warm water. Upon rinse, it feels nice and cool. I’m always STUNNED with how my skin looks after this. Nourished, moist, mega clean, and my tone looks more even. I do this once a week and its effects are present until I’m ready for the next one.

Because of the aftereffects I get from this mask, I feel confident saying that Lush’s version is probably pretty amazing. But I can do it myself for less than a dollar a use.

And its totally awesome!


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